木村 仁 Hitoshi KIMURA

1948年 福岡県生まれ
1971年 東京芸術大学美術学部卒業
1973年 東京芸術大学大学院修了 
1986~1987年 文部省在外研究員(アメリカ)
1975年 銀座ギン画廊での個展を始め国内外で発表を行う
2002年 日韓共催ワールドカップを機に、松代大本営をテーマにした現代美術の祭典を始める。
2002年 日韓共催ワールドカップを機に、松代大本営をテーマにした現代美術ワークショップを、千曲市、蔵し館における個展と同時に開催。
2002年 アートまちかど、および松代大本営、舞鶴山地下壕口にて韓国と日本のパフォーマンスを企画。

1948 Born in Fukuoka
1971 B.F.A. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
1973 M.F.A Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
1986~1987 Ministry of Education Researcher(U.S.A.)
1975 Started solo exhibition at Ginza Gin Gallery in Tokyo and hold many exhibition inside and outside the country.
1999 Started「HA-NE Project」"the feather project" that made a feather of a folded-paper crane.
2002 Started M.C.A.F. Taking advantage of the Korea-Japan World Cup. Started Korea and Japanese performance with the Matsushiro Imperial Headquarters,
2004 Started M.C.A.F. in Matsushiro Bunbu Gakkou (School for the Literary and Military Arts). With Contemporary art workshop.
2005-now Cooperative Participation of many Contemporary artists.
2009 now Artist in Residence in the ground of Zenkouji Temple
Professor of Shinshu University

2010 FLAT FILE (Nagano)
2004 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.3 (Nagano)
2003 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2003
2002 Gallery Monn (Nagano)
2002 Kura-Shi Kan Museum (Nagano)
2000 Tatuno Museum(Nagano)
1999 Heiando Gallery(Nagano)
1998 Cyouhu Gallery (Tokyo)
1996 CyouhuGallery (Tokyo)
1995 Yu-Art Station (Nagano)
1994 Cyouhu Gallery (Tokyo)
1993 Cyouhu Gallery(Tokyo)
1992 Runami Gallery (Tokyo)
1991 RunamiGallery (Tokyo)
1990 Kaneko-Art Gallery(Tokyo)
1987 Extension Gallery (Mercerville,U.S.A.)
1983 Muramatu Gallery (Tokyo)
1981 Gallery U (Tokyo)
1975 Ginn Gallery(Tokyo)

-Group Exhibition-
2010 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.9(Nagano)
2009 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.8(Nagano)
2008 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.7(Nagano)
2007 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.6(Nagano)
2006 (Memory-Art)-Contemporary artscene(II), Koumi-Machi kougen museum of art (Nagano)
2006 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.5(Nagano)
2006 KIPAF2005 (Korea International Performance ArtFestival), (gimcheon,Korea)
2005 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.4 (Nagano)
1998 Artist inResident in the International Ceramics Studio Exhibition, (Tolgyfa Galeria,Budapest,Hungary)
1998 International Invitational Exhibition at GroundsFor Sculpture, (Third International Conference onContemporary Cast Iron Art,Hamilton,NJ)
1997 Gumyou-ji Project(Nagano)
1996 Contemporary Art of Central Europe and Japan(Tokyo)
1995 The Origin of Life Exhibition (Nagano)
1994 Pusan-Nagano Korea-Japan International Contemporary ArtExchange, Exhibition (Pusan)
1990 Group '90Exhibition (Fukuoka City Museum)

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